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I am a 30-something writer and script editor, currently employed in the latter mode by BBC1’s EastEnders.

I’m working on two features at the moment, one a low-budget tale of female empowerment and smash ‘em up banger racing, and the other a psychological thriller about a woman whose picture perfect life falls apart after she is robbed and she begins to suspect someone is stalking her. I also have two shorts in the pipeline, one a sci-fi piece about a female warrior whose over-confidence is due a dent and the other about a small boy who falls into a tunnel under London and finds a strange community of people living there.
I was on the writing team for the last series of the BBC1 sitcom My Family and my most recent feature script, The Eye of the Needle, reached the Quarter-Finals of Screenwriting Goldmine. Before completing my Screenwriting MA in 2007, I was a full-time journalist.

My qualifications

What I do


I write bold, compelling stories that tackle modern life head on. I like detective dramas, sci-fi, twists and bittersweet endings. I want to know what happens when people go into the woods, and how they’re changed by what they find there.


With a good sense of what is out there in the industry, I give notes that are insightful, considered and concise. I provide coverage for various production companies on novels, TV scripts and feature projects and love nothing more than finding – and being able to recommend – something great.


I have a strong instinct for how other people’s writing can be improved, and enjoy the collaboration required to make a project come to life. So get in touch if you need an inspiring sounding board/reader/editor for your writing.

My work

The Education of Cody King (2016)

On the rural banger racing circuit, 17-year-old CODY is a tomboyish, no-shit-taking champion. To her middle class, goody-goody best friend ISABEL (17), she’s a hero. But when Cody is raped by their physics teacher, Isabel is the one who has to teach her friend how to be strong.

Coming soon


The Eye of the Needle (2015)

After meeting on an ultra-marathon, five strangers realise that one of them is 'The Camel', a Twitter-trending anarchist intent on kill a tax-evading tech billionaire...

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